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Special segments and essays from MoreGehrig mastermind, Kaden

Who's Kaden?

The 1927 MVP Issue: Buster Beats Babe, Deservedly  Why Gehrig won the 1927 MVP award instead of Ruth.
Gehrig and Ripken: Two Iron Horses with Similar Strides  What other than the endurance streak did these two men have in common?  It may surprise you.
"Luckiest Man" Speech Hollywood-ized  A comparison of Gehrig's speech to the one Gary Cooper delivers in Pride of the Yankees
Gandolfini Insults Gehrig Fans  TV star poor choice to read Gehrig's farewell address in Yankee Stadium
NY's Gehrig at KC's 22nd and Brooklyn  Kaden visits the field where Gehrig played for the last time.
The Left and Write of Lou Gehrig  Kaden's theories on the way Gehrig wrote.
Redicovering Gehrig by Watching Rawhide  Gehrig starred in a movie and therefore left another way to study him.