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Fan's Tour of Yankee Stadium
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Important Gehrig spots in Yankee Stadium that every fan should know

Scroll down (under picture) to link to more information about these spots and to read a personal accout of a Yankee Stadium tour.

Courtesy of Lucille T. Lasky-Nuzzi

Yankee Stadium opened in 1923. Dubbed "the house that Ruth built," Gehrig made just as many memorable contributions to the stadium's historical value. He was the first Yankee-- and first sports figure-- to have his jersey number retired. He was the second Yankee to have a plaque dedicated to him in Memorial Park.

To see a close-up of those areas of the stadium noted above, click the appropriate link:

First Base    Flag Pole    Home Plate    Memorial Park

Read the companion, first-hand account of a Yankee Stadium tour, written by MoreGehrig's "Jersey branch," Lucille T. Lasky-Nuzzi - Finding Lou's Spirit

All pictures used with permission.