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A quick look at the researcher/writer of MoreGehrig

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In the brick-and-mortar world, I'm an editor.  In the Web world, I'm the researcher and writer for MoreGehrig, the best second job I could ask for.
I'm passionate about two things in life (so far), writing and Lou Gehrig.  Put them together they make MoreGehrig.  I've been studying Gehrig for over 8 years.  He is my hero because:
  1. He played baseball.
  2. He was a "quiet hero"-- someone who was really damn good at what he did, but didn't brag about it.
  3. We share Common Traits.
  4. He wasn't hard on the eyes.
  5. He's someone I want my kids to love.

When I'm not reading, writing, site building, or editing, I can be found at the movies, at the mall, or in the living room watching baseball with my honey bunches, Ro.

I launched MoreGehrig in February 2002.  The site has since earned praise and generous readers from every corner of the country, so I have no plans of giving up this incredible opportunity to spread some Gehrig love.

Because the world has not one Gehrig biography too many, ACTA Sports (current publisher of The Bill James Handbook) solicited me to write one from a fan's point of view.  There are roughly 13 Gehrig biographies, many of which are out-of-print, all of which are written from a journalist's perspective.  "The Life of Lou Gehrig, Told by a Fan" (working title only) is due out in late 2005 or early 2006, depending on how long it takes to edit and proof the manuscript.  The book brings forth new information and rare pictures of Gehrig throughout his life.  Thanks to the readers of MoreGehrig who sent in questions, I knew exactly what Gehrig fans hunger for and have been waiting to know.

I am very willing to correspond with all Gehrig fans, if they so chose to correspond with me.  Consider this an open invitation to click on the link below to send me a question or comment, and I will respond.

Taking in a game, and a peanut, during the I-70 Series (St. Lou v. KC), Kauffman Stadium, June 2002

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