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The links below take you to in-depth information about Gehrig's life beyond the Stadium

With his wife, Gehrig was all smiles.

More About His ALS Battle Find out what it was like his last few years of life.
Post-Baseball Career The mayor of New York gives Gehrig a job.
Gehrig and His Parents A mama's boy to the extreme.
Life with a Wife Eleanor was the only person Gehrig would choose over Mom.
Relationships with Others Various people in Gehrig's life felt his impact.
Relationship with Babe Friendly at first; rocky at last.
Overview of His Young Years A skim-over-the-top look at ages newborn - high school senior
More About His Childhood A more intense study of his childhood, up through grammar school graduation.
High School Hero Gehrig The first time Gehrig made national press, he was too young to shave.
A Season with Columbia What was it like for Gehrig off of South Field?
Quotes About Gehrig What those who knew him best had to say.
Gehrig's Obituary From the New York Times
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Above all things, Gehrig was a human being.