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The numbers are just the beginning


More About His Streak What all do you know about his consecutive games played record?
His Famous Retirement Speech His most famous words.
More About His AVG There are stories behind the numbers in the books.
Records and Leaderboard Appearances Gehrig is still the man today.
Other Side of His Bat "Grab the horsehide and field it." - Lou Gehrig
'38: The Infamous Season The infamous, mysterious slump.
His Nicknames The cute to the accurate.
A Season with Columbia Gehrig the student athlete.
The Ox is Farmed Out Gehrig works his way through the Yankees' farm club.
Quotes About Gehrig From fellow ballplayers, friends, and family.
Gehrig's Words What he had to say about playing ball and about those around him.
4 Homerun Club Players who have hit 4 homeruns in one game, the same feat Gehrig accomplished.
Post-Baseball Career What he did after he left the Yankees.

A career like no other.