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MoreGehrig is a young site, officially launced in February 2002. Research for the initial launch of the site spanded over 8 years, incorporating books, videos, periodicals, audio archives, and online publications such as

At that time of launch the sole writer/contributor to the site was its founder, Sara Kaden. The first "home" or host of MoreGehrig was Webseed Publishing, a little-known Web site publishing company, that paid for all expenses incurred by a Web site on the condition that Webseed own the site. While it was a good deal for a beginning site master to have all expenses paid, it was a hassle dealing with all the can's and cannot's Webseed dictated (couldn't have logos from any other online company, only 4 items from could be advertised).

After a month or two, hits came in masses; MoreGehrig averaged 1,300 hits per month (not too shabby for a newborn site). The loyal readers also came. Some of which volunteered their own Lou Gehrig stories and research.

In May 2002 Webseed went belly-up. Kaden was given the option of buying the site or having Webseed auction it off. Too proud of her work, Kaden chose to buy the site and take it to a different hosting company. Within a few weeks she found Tripod ( part of the well-known and very successful Lycos Network.

The decision to move to Tripod has been rewarding for MoreGehrig and its readers. Tripod is very advanced in the technology it offers site builders, and maintaining a site with Tripod is extremely efficient, mostly because it allows builders much, much more freedom than a network like Webseed does.

The ultimate goal of MoreGehrig is to be nationally recognized as an authoritative source of Lou Gehrig information.

Met the MoreGehrig mastermind?  Find out Who's Kaden?

"I'm not a headline guy." - Lou Gehrig