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Richard Tofel.  A Legend in the Making: New York Yankees in 1939.
The year the Yankees won the Series; the year they heard baseball's Gettysburg Address - Gehrig delivers his farewell speech.  List price $24.95.

I am interested in Tofel's book

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Leo Trachtenberg.  The Wonder Team: The True Story of the Incomparable 1927 New York Yankees
Gehrig was a part of this "incomparable" team.  This was the year he won his first MVP award - as well as gave Babe Ruth a run for his money.  List price $13.95.

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Richard Lally.  Bombers: An Oral History of the Yankees.
A much-loved book about the good ol' boys.  Good info on Gehrig.  List price $25.00.

I am interested in Lally's book

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Maiorana, Salvatore. A Lifetime of Yankee Ocotobers.
Gehrig on the cover!  List price $24.95.

I am interested in Maiorana's book

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Anderson, David (ed). New York Yankees: Illustrated History. 
Put together by the New York Times.  A newborn book; published Nov. 1, 2002.  List price $29.95.

I am interested in Anderson's book