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Auker, Elden and Tom Keegan. Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms: A Lifetime of Memories. Triumph Books, April 2001.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 1892049252
No review yet of this source.

Banks, Kerry. Old-Time Baseball Trivia: The Babe Ruth Era. Sterling Publication Co. May 1998.
Age: ?
ISBN: 1550546139
Test your Gehrig knowledge.

OP/H Baseball in 1939: The Watershed Season of the National Pastime. McFarland and Co. Aug. 1995.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0786400560
Describes the "pivotal" 1939 season (the year Gehrig retired).

Charnley, Mitchell V., ed. Secrets of Baseball Told by Big League Players. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1927.
Age: Adult
A collection of first-hand accounts of what it's like playing in the big leagues. Gehrig wrote a section titled "The Job of Playing First."

Curran, William. Big Sticks: The Phenominal Decade of Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb adn Hornsby. New York: Harper Perennial, 1991.
Age: Adult
No review yet of this source. (On order.)

Dawidoff, Nicholas, ed. Baseball: A Literary Anthology. Library of America, Feb. 2002.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 193108209x
A collection of poetry, etc., dedicated to baseball and/or baseball players, written by some of the brightest names in literature history.

Epstein, Eddie and Rod Neyer. Baseball Dynasties: The Greatest Teams of All Time. WW Norton and Co., March 2000.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0393048942
The Yankees are included in this anthology.

OP/H $$ Famous Sluggers of 1929 with Tips on Batting. Louisville, KY: Hillerich and Bradsby Co., 1929.
Age: likely juvenile
Published by the company that made Louisville Sluggers (Gehrig's bat of choice). They also published one in 1930. Gehrig, no doubt, was mentioned in these extremely rare items. Want a copy? You better be willing to fork over $1,000+.

OP/H Fleming, G.H. Murderers' Row. New York: Morrow, 1985.
Age: ?
No review of this source.

Ford, Whitey. Few and Chosen. 2002
Age: Adult
In the "First Baseman" chapter (2), Ford discusses Gehrig.

Gallagher, Mark and Walter LeConte. The Yankees Encyclopedia: Millennium Ed. Sports Publications, April 2000.
Age: ?
No review of this source.

OP/H Gallen, David, ed. The Baseball Chronicles. Carroll and Graf Publications, March 1992.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0881848158
A collection of articles and columns written by the best sportswriters in baseball history.

Gilbert, Thomas W. The Good Old Days: Baseball in the 1930s. Watts Franklin, Oct. 1996.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0531112780
Focuses on the "golden age of baseball"; the years Gehrig was in his prime, and at his worst.

Graham, Frank. The New York Yankees: An Informal History. Southern Illinois University Press, March 2002.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0809324148
From the man who traveled with the Yankees in Gehrig's time. He also wrote one of the classic Gehrig biographies, Lou Gehrig: A Quiet Hero.

Great Baseball Players: From McGraw to Mantle, The. Dover, Jan. 1996.
Age: ?
ISBN: 0486289249
No review yet of this source.

Henrich, Tommy and Bill Gilbert. Five O'Clock Lightning: Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, adn teh Glory Years of the New York Yankees. Carol Pub. Group, April 1992.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 1559721014
Good Gehrig stories, all of them touching and worth reading.

Honig, Donald. Baseball in the '30s: A Decade of Survival, An Illustrated History. New York: Crown Pub., c1989.
Age: Adult
No review of this source.

Honig, Donald. Baseball When the Grass Was Real: Baseball from the Twenties to the Forties Told by the Men Who Played It. Univ. of Nebraska Press, Sept. 1993.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0803272677
No review yet of this source. (On order.)

Honig, Donald. Greatest First Basemen of All Time. New York: Crown Pub., 1988.
Age: Adult
Gehrig is one of the greatest first basemen. (On order.)

Lally, Richard. Bombers: An Oral History of the Yankees. Crown Pub. Group, April 2002.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0609608959
No review of this source.

Mosedale, John. The Greatest of All: The 1927 Yankees. New York: Warner Books, 1975.
Age: Adult
1927 was the season of Ruth's 60, a World Series title, a 110-win record, and a Gehrig in the heart of the lineup.

Nemec, David and Saul Wisnia. 100 Years of Major League Baseball. Publications International Limited, Sept. 1999.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0785335803
No review yet of this source.

Patrick, Jean L. The Girl Who Struck out Babe Ruth. Lerner Publishing Group, Jan. 2000.
Age: Adult
"The girl" also struck out Lou Gehrig.

OP/H Rainbolt, Richard. Baseball's Homerun Hitters. Lerner Publishing. May 1975.
Age: Young Adult/Adult
ISBN: 0822510553
No review of this source.

OP/H Rinn, Miriam. Baseball Greats. Troll Communications, Jan. 1999.
Age: Juvenile
Educational material that prompts students to write about some of the biggest names in baseball history, including Gehrig.

$ Robinson, Ray and Christopher Jennison. Pennants and Pinstripes: The New York Yankees, 1903-2002. Viking Penguin, March 2002.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0670892149
A must for Yankee fans. Co-written by Robinson, the writer of the essential Gehrig biography, Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time.

Ross, Alan. The Yankee Century. 2001.
Age: Adult
Many, many useful quotes from various people on Gehrig, and some quotes from Gehrig himself.

Stevens, Julia Ruth. Major League Dad: A Daughter's Cherished Memories. Triumph Books, April 2001.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 1892049279
Babe Ruth's youngest daughter tells all, including the truth behind the feud between Gehrig and Ruth that tore their friendship apart.

Sullivan, Dean A. Middle Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball, 1900-1948. University of Nebraska Press, Feb. 2001.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 080329283x
No review of this source.

Tofel, Richard J. A Legend in the Making: The New York Yankees in 1939. Ivan R. Dee Publisher, March 2002.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 1566634113
No review of this source.

Trachtenberg, Leo. The Wonder Team: The True Story of the Incomparable 1927 New York Yankees. Popular Press, 1995.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0879726776
No review yet for this source (planning to order).

OP/H Tullius, John. I'd Rather be a Yankee: An Oral History of America's Most Loved and Most Hated Baseball Team. Jove, 1986.
Age: Adult
First-person accounts from and about Yankees, many about Gehrig.  Good quotes from Gehrig himself, including his entire retirement speech.

Wallace, Joseph, Neil Hamilton and Marty Appel. Baseball: 100 Classic Moments in the History of the Game. Dorling Kindersley: New York, 2000.                                                            Age: Adult                                                                                                                                ISBN: 0-7894-5121-2                                                                                                            Another fabulous, important book for baseball fans. Wonderful section on Gehrig's retirement ceremony and on Ripken breaking Gehrig's record.

Walsh, Christy, ed. Baseball's Greatest Lineup.                                                                             Age: Adult
Biographies of players by top sportswriters. Walsh was Gehrig's agent.

$ **Ward, Geoffrey C. and Ken Burns. Baseball: An Illustrated History. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0679765417
Ward and Burns have excellent reputations for accuracy and depth. This is the printed adaptation of their film documentary on baseball. Naturally, Babe Ruth has chapter-length presence in this book. Alongside him is Gehrig. Touching recognition to Gehrig and solid facts about his career and how it compared to Ruths. Available in trade paper cover, this book is long, heavy, and, thus, expensive-- list price printed on the back of my copy is $35. If you're a hardcore baseball fan, you won't suffer buyer's remorse.

Compiled by S. Kaden