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$ = pricey ($20+)
ISBN = International Standard Book Number
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**Adler, David A. Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man. Orlando: Harcourt, 1997.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 0152024832 (pb)
If Reading Rainbow was still on the air, guaranteed this book would be featured. Every Gehrig fan should get this book for the little ones in her/his life. An oblong picture book, it has delicious illustrations and diction that doesn't talk down to kids. Gehrig's childhood and career are presented in about 30 pages, most of which is illustrations. It also does not tiptoe around Gehrig's illness. Without getting graphic, the book presents his illness and death in matter-of-fact manner. This is one of the recently published Gehrig biographies, so finding a copy is extremely easy. Affording one is even easier. Available in Shop MoreGehrig

OP?H $ ***Bak, Richard. Lou Gehrig: An American Classic. Dallas: Taylor, 1995.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0878338837 (hb)
During research I have discovered that Bak has a few misleading "facts" he presents to his reader, which is never a good thing. For the most part, though, he does have reputable sources and rare tidbits about our man. What pushes this book above and beyond the rest is the ample supply of pictures. More Gehrig pictures than you thought existed. A hardback, coffee-table size book, which means it comes at a hefty price. The most expensive list-price by far-- hardcover lists as $29.95. Can't stress it enough: worth the price if you're a diehard Gehrig fan. Available in Shop MoreGehrig

Brandt, Keith and John Lawn (ills). Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees. Troll Communications., 1985.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 0816705496
No review yet of this source.

OP/H Curato, Guy. Batting 1000 - Baseball's Leading Hitters (A Tribute to Lou Gehrig). Thomas Assicurato. Limited Ed.
Age: ?
No review yet of this source (have not found a copy).

OP/H *Gallico, Paul. Lou Gehrig: Pride of the Yankees. New York: Grosset & Dunlapp, Inc., 1942.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: (book does not list an ISBN) (hb)
If you're thinking, "This title seems familiar," you'd be correct. This is the companion book to the feature film of the same title (though the book came out first). Sometimes moving, wonderful language; other times gross, irritating grammatical errors. More than one contradiction to other Gehrig biographies. More fluff than fact; as many strikeouts than homeruns, kinda like Babe Ruth. I gave this book an asterisk, though, because it includes an invaluable foreword by Gehrig's best friend and roomie Bill Dickey.

OP/H $ ****Gehrig, Eleanor and Joseph Durso. My Luke and I. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1976.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0690011091 (hb)
For the most human look at Gehrig, this is the book to have. He's depicted as romantic, spontaneous, witty-- everything the press made him not appear to be. Heart-wrenching insight on Gehrig's life with ALS and on his last few days. Mrs. Gehrig effectively incorporates her punchy sense of humor, but is a bit long-winded about her own childhood, although that's only fair considering it's her autobiography. The downside is that it's hard to come by. Out of print and rarely seen in libraries, the only hope is online auction sites (where I got mine, fair condition) or rummaging through store after store of used books. Have only seen it in hardback. Depending on how, when, and it what condition it is obtained, price can vary, upwards of $20. Be prepared.

OP/H ***Graham, Frank. Lou Gehrig: A Quiet Hero. Eau Claire, WI: E.M. Hale and Co., 1942.
Age: Juvenile/Young Adult
ISBN: (book does not list an ISBN)
Sure, it's the classic Gehrig biography, but unless you're under the age of 13, you may not enjoy reading it. I was 15 when I read it and was a tad disappointed in the watered down diction. Regardless, it's still worth the hunt. Graham was a regular man-on-the-scene during Yankee road trips, and he knew Gehrig personally. That adds some unique perspective and reliability to his words. Getting it for the sake of its historical value is one thing, but I wouldn't recommend getting it as a present for a youngster. It's harder to come across a copy of this book than other Gehrig biographies, so subjecting it to kid fingers is enough to break my heart. Best bet for finding a copy for sale is online auction sites (where I found mine, very good condition, approx. $10), used-book stores or library sales. Here's hoping a publishing house reprints a million copies.

OP/H Luce, Willard and Celia. Lou Gehrig: Iron Man of Baseball. Champaign, IL: Garrard Publishing Co., 1970.
Age: Juvenile
SBN: 811645592 (hb)
Chapter book that spans Gehrig's childhood, career, and illness. Although not as in-depth as Graham's book, does give some little-known tidbits, which are valuable to any Gehrig fan of any age. Long out of print, but an enjoyable find. This edition listed includes rarely seen pictures of Gehrig. Can probably be located at library sales, used-book stores, online auctions, etc.

**MacHt, Norman. Lou Gehrig (Baseball Legends Series). 1993.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 0791011763 (hb) 0791012107 (pb)
Perhaps the best Gehrig biography for older children. Wonderful photographs and in-depth information for kids to gobble up.

OP/H Morgan, Bill and Bruce Weber. Lou Gehrig (Classic Sport Shots Series, #5). Scholastic, March 1993.
Age: Juvenile
No review yet of this source.

$ Rambeck, Richard. Lou Gehrig (Sports Superstars Series). Childs World, Oct. 1994.
Age: ?
No review yet of this source (planning to order). List price is over $20.

*****Robinson, Ray. Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1949.
Age: Adult
ISBN: 0062974087 (pb)
Meat-and-potatoes Gehrig biography; must-get. Modern classic. Referenced by baseball commentators. More text than anything. A dozen pictures, mostly well-known ones. Is available in hardback, but more commonly in mass market paperback. Very reasonably priced for its overall value.  Available in Shop MoreGehrig

OP/H Rubin, Robert. Lou Gehrig: Courageous Star. New York: Putnam. 1979.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 0399611355 (hb)
In a word, unsatisfactory. Poor writing. Rubin's idea of chronological order is rather schizophrenic, enough to make me dizzy. If I didn't know Gehrig's life by heart at the time I opened this book, I'd have been lost by the third paragraph of the first page. In the first three chapters alone, there are at least a handful of contradictions to other, more reliable Gehrig biographies. It was a struggle to finish reading. This is all very surprising for a book from Putnam (usually a high-standard publisher).

**Van Riper, Guernsey. Lou Gehrig: One of Baseball's Greatest. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1949.
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 0020419309 (pb)
Van Riper re-tells some of the childhood stories that Graham first wrote about. And that's about where it ends. Childhood. Very, very little of the book is of Gehrig's professional career. An ok starter for your kiddies, it will at least pique their interest in Gehrig. If you want to know Gehrigs childhood anecdotes, it's worth a once-through. Many illustrations, though few resemble Gehrig. Very reasonably priced.  Available in Shop MoreGehrig

OP/H $ Van Riper, Guernsey. Lou Gehrig: Boy of the Sandlots. Atheneum, Sept. 1982.
Age: Juvenile
No review yet of this book (planning to order). Used copies can run near $20, more than expected for a kiddie lit specimen (must be a helluva book).


Compiled by S. Kaden