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Fisher, Fred and Eleanor Gehrig. "I Can't Get to First Base with You." 1935.
Age: General
Song. Not a hit with the public, but a big hit with the man it was dedicated to.

Kieran, John. "To Lou Gehrig."
Age: General
Poetry. Written on behalf of the Yankees players for Lou Gehrig. Inscribed on the silver trophy Joe McCarthy presented to Gehrig at his retirement ceremony, July 4, 1939. Kieran was a sportswriter for the New York Times.

Nash, Ogden."Lineup for Yesterday."
Age: Adult
Poetry. Begins "G is for Gehrig." A simple little diddy, but touching.

Skead, Patrick. Hitting Glory: A Baseball Bat Adventure. Cross Training Publications, Oct. 2001
Age: Juvenile
ISBN: 1929478305
A fiction chapter book based on Lou Gehrig. A young boy, who attends Gehrig's old elementary school, finds a bat in the school basement and is determined to prove it once belonged to Gehrig.

Wolfe, Thomas. "You Can't Go Home Again."
Age: Adult
Lyric narrative (looks like fiction, sounds like poetry). The whole work is not about Gehrig, but does mention him with a section that begins: "What visions burn, what dreams possess him, seeker of the night?" Ahh, timeless.

Compiled by S. Kaden