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Bloodgood, Clifford. "Making Major League History in 1930." Baseball Magazine: Dec. 1930. vol 46, issue 1.

Busch, Niven, Jr. "The Little Heinie." New Yorker: 10 Aug. 1929. vol. 5, issue 25, page 31.

Curato, Guy. "The Case for Lou Gehrig." Unpublished.
Available through SABR.

"Gehrig, 'Iron Man' of Baseball, Dies at the Age of 37." New York Times: 3 June 1941.
Gehrig's obituary.

Griffith, Clark and Hugh Fullerton. "How to Pitch Baseball." Liberty: 10 July 1926. vol. 3, issue 10, page 53.

"'I'm Not Trying to Hit Homers'--Lou Gehrig." Literary Digest: 17 Sept. 1927. vol. 94, issue 12, page 54.

"In Camp." Time: 19 March 1928. vol. 11, issue 12, page 27.

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Povich, Shirley. "This Morning With Shirley Povich: Iron Horse Breaks as Athletic Greats Meet in His Honor." Washington Post: 5 July, 1939.
A reaction to Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day and to Gehrig's now-famous farewell address.

Povich, Shirley. "Second to Ruth, Second to Ripken." Washington Post: 6, September 1995.
A comparison of how Gehrig stood in line behind Ruth and how he would soon stand in line behind Cal Ripken, Jr., as Ripken surpasses Gehrig in consecutive games played streak.

Schott, Arthur. "Gehrig's Real Last Game.'" unpublished.
Available through SABR. Talks about an exhibition game in Kansas City on June 12, 1939.

Williams, Joe. "First Flush of Fame." New York World-Telegram: 1930, vol 12, issue 4.

Compiled by S. Kaden