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"What Shall I Write?"

  • Be as creative or straight-forward as you like! Write a sonnet or a heart-felt letter or even a "whassup."  Whatever you please.
  • It is not required for you to include your real name (who's going to know?).  If you choose, you may submit a pen name or no name at all.
  • Submissions are e-mailed directly to MoreGehrig's Webmaster In-Box (you will not immediately see your submission "painted" on The Wall).
  • Your words will not be altered.
  • Submissions may be rejected if not suitable (i.e. include profanity, racial slurs, innuendos, nasty stuff in general etc.) for publication on this site.
  • please allow (at most) a few business days before checking to see if your words have been painted on The Wall.

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Behave yourself.