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The following poem is from Baseball I Gave You All of the Best Years of My Life by Kerrane and Grossinger (North Atlantic Books, 1978).

Babe & Lou
by Franz Douskey

when babe hit
number 714 he was
playing for Boston
and washed up.

he was a big tipper
a big eater a big
drinker and every
body loved the babe.

low was the iron
man and played
in 2130 consecutive
games and when he coughed
into the microphone
he said he was
the luckiest man alive.

he batted clean up
right behind the babe
and together they
represented fear
power and (judging
from the full stands)

this was before the unions
before the depression before
the war and when the smoke
lifted the forties were over and
both men had died slowly
each weighing less
than a 100 lbs.

This poem was kindly submitted by MoreGehrig reader Rich Puerzer.